Winter swing changes underway

I had a lesson last week with @PaulMitchell and we’ve started work on my winter swing changes. The first hour we just looked at me widening my takeaway in order to stop me taking the club back on the inside.

Then instead of a change of direction, coming “over the top” on the start of the downswing, trying to keep the club on a flatter plane on the downswing and back to address.

Yep, it felt weird, but I thought what the hell, let’s take it out on the course over the weekend. In Saturday’s medal I shot 79 with a quadruple bogey. CSS went up to 70 and so playing off my 8 handicap I got cut 0.2. Excellent. Then on Sunday in a £5 game with two friends I shot a 78 with nine single bogeys, no doubles and no birdies.

So pretty tidy rounds considering I was being “consciously competent” about my new swing plane i.e. properly thinking about it every time I swung the club. The good news is that the Gilroy/Taylor Cup is now nicely placed at 9:9 with probably only a few more rounds to be fitted in before the end of the year. It would be nice to hang on to the cup for a second year in succession.

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