Chapter 7: Staying in the “Business” Moment

It’s not how, it’s how many

Say it, see it, do it

Concentrating 40 secs at a time

– I’m in sales, I can’t concentrate for very long….I’m a simple soul.

– What Paul has taught me in the last five years is to concentrate not just one shot at a time, but for 40 secs at a time.

– In business the same thing is true, you cannot concentrate for days & weeks on end, you have to concentrate in short bursts.

Thinking about your target

– where do you want the ball to go?

– if you think about the water it will probably go in there

– how do you think about your business are you thinking about the positives, your “target” not what might go wrong.

– Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or can’t…you are right.”

How do you react to a bad shot?

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