David & Manda Gilroy

David & Manda Gilroy

What is there to say?  I’m a 50 year old living in Bristol, UK.  I took up the game of golf in the summer of 2006, aged 43.  That was three years after I stopped playing squash.  I was carrying a few injuries and just decided to stop rather than slide down the Avon County rankings.

My first goal in golf?  Not to make a fool of myself the first time I took a client to play (almost all my clients are lawyers).

So, that was the beginning. A lot has happened since then.  My handicap has come down to 4 (7.2 – August 2013) and my business (see more below) has grown in revenue terms by over 600% in the same period.

And that my friend is the idea behind the book.

My Team

The last five years would not have been possible without the following people.

  • Manda Gilroy – Mrs G. My wife. An extremely competent 12 (11.6) handicap golfer in her own right.  She took up the game at the same time as me and applied herself to the game in exactly the same way proving I’m not a fluke!
  • Paul Mitchell – Mitch. My golfer coach.  He’s been with me every step of the way in the last five years.  The kind of coach who can be working with Chris Wood (European Tour Pro) one day and me the next and get the best out of each of us.  Paul is 50% of the reason I’m an 8 handicap golfer. More on Paul.
  • Mark Taylor – Marmite.  My best friend.  The man who got me into golf.  He made a bet with me when I started back in 2006. He challenged me to catch up his handicap within five years and then we’d “play off” for £50!  Well, three years later I was past him (and still am) and am now waiting for him to catch me up.  We now play for the annual Gilroy/Taylor tour.
  • Andrew Gray – Andrew. My business partner of 20 years through three different companies.  I could not have built the business without him and if you’d of asked him if it was possible for me to play 80-100 rounds of golf per year and the business not suffer, he’d have said you were bonkers!

My Top Ten

Tough one this as thanks to some luck, some well connected friends & some frugality I’ve managed to play some fabulous golf courses around the world.  So here are my personal top ten favourite courses that I’ve played.

  1. The Old Course – St Andrews, Scotland
  2. West Course – Wentworth, England - New
  3. The Old Course, Troon, Scotland
  4. Pinnacle Point, Mossel Bay, South Africa
  5. Ailsa Course, Turnberry, Scotland
  6. Oitavos, Cascais, Portugal
  7. East Course – Saunton, England - New
  8. Kings Course – Gleneagles, Scotland
  9. Remedy Oak – Blandford Forum, England
  10. Poppy Hills – Pebble Beach, USA

My Day Job

My day job is as Sales & Marketing Director of Conscious Solutions (http://www.conscious.co.uk).  We are the largest provider of digital marketing services to law firms in the UK with over 250 clients across the country.

Conscious was founded by myself, Andrew Gray & Andy Osborne back in 2003 having previously all worked together at Sift which Andrew & myself founded with Ben Heald in 1996.  My full bio can be found on my LinkedIn profile if you are interested in the detail.