Gilroy wins the 2011 Gilroy/Taylor Tour (7½ : 2½)

Yesterday saw the end of the inaugural year of the Gilroy/Taylor Tour. This is an exclusive invitation only tour between my best friend Mark and myself.

The rule is basically if we are on the course at the same time, in the same group, then it is in effect a “tour match”.

The overall score was 7½ : 2½ in my favour.

Now my best friend being the obstinate bloke that he is refuses to play off his proper handicap of 11 (mine is 8 remember) as he cannot believe that I’m a better golfer than him bearing in mind I’ve only been playing five years!

So, in actual fact I think it might have been a 5:5 draw had it been off handicap rather than scratch.

Anyway, here’s the beautiful cup he gave me last night.

Gilroy/Taylor Tour Cup


And this is a close up of the plaque at the bottom.

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