When you cheat on your golf teacher!

I had the pleasure yesterday of having a 9-hole playing lesson on the Celtic Manor 2010 course with Kyle Smith, Head PGA Professional.

I did not intend to cheat on my existing golf coach, but then that’s what all ‘cheaters’ say!

The reason I was there was that one of my lovely law firm clients who I have known for over 15 years bought it for me as a gift for my 60th birthday earlier in the year.

I rocked up at the Celtic Manor Golf Academy and was told to go on down to the 2010 Clubhouse where Kyle would meet me. He spotted me the minute I walked into the pro shop there…I think he had been warned that I was the ‘one in orange’.

We jumped into a buggy and headed down to the practice ground to hit a few balls before heading out to play the front nine.

Kyle asked me about my game.  “If I could drive the ball and hit my irons and wedges as well as I can putt, I’d be a scratch golfer” I said.

So off we went onto the course.

During the lesson, I drove the ball as well as I have done for weeks, putted like a demon and duffed the chips around the green as I am prone to do.  And that was the one real lesson I took away from the session.  Keep the club scraping along the grass longer AFTER contact with the ball when chipping around the green.  And feel like the club is coming ‘from the inside more’ at the same time.

Now, I am not looking for a new golf coach, I’m quite happy working with Paul Mitchell at Bristol & Clifton but if you are near Celtic Manor and are looking for a coach I would recommend Kyle in a heartbeat.

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