Losing money whilst practicing

Golf ball tubeI had a lesson today with my coach, Paul Mitchell from Bristol & Clifton GC and we were doing some short game work.  Now my technique is pretty good but I was not getting the ball really close, you know tap-in distance or obvious single putt range.

So, Mitch decided that I was just not concentrating properly, so he made me play for money.  Two lots of ten balls each with a £1 per shot difference on the gross score.  The scoring was as follows :-

  • Inside a ball tube length = birdie
  • Inside 2 x ball tubes = par
  • Outside 2 x tubers = bogey

Mitch gave me no shots……says I do not need them then promptly went and took a fiver off me!

So I PAID HIM for the lesson and then GAVE him more money…..how does that work then!

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