Golf and business have much in common. Thorough knowledge of all the tips and tricks is as important in putting a golf ball as it is in running a successful business. In fact on more occasions than not business and golf complement each other. Below are a few ways in which we see a semblance of golf in business:

Learning the game through a mentor

Whether you are an avid golfer or an emerging businessman, having a mentor to guide you through the tricks of the trade will always help you strategise a better game.  A mentor can not only be a constant source of inspiration and motivation but can also help you recognise your weaknesses and get the better of them. He can pass on his knowledge and experience to you and prepare the grounds from where you can tee off successfully, whether on the golf course or in the cut-throat world of business. He can be your friend, philosopher and guide, always helping you to achieve self-improvement in thinking, strategising, decision-making and acting.

Planning your round

Another striking parallel of golf in business can be seen in the way golfers plan their round and businessmen plan their meetings. Just as a golfer spends a good amount of time studying the turf or the course as well as his competitors, a businessman too gathers all the pertinent information about his clients and does a thorough competition analysis to pitch forth an offer that the client would find difficult to turn down. In this context, rehearsing the golf shots during practice sessions is akin to rehearsing a sales pitch to present to a client.

More reflections of golf in business

Chasing your numbers

The golfing score is analogous to a sales pipeline. The way golfers calculate their statistics pertaining to tee to garden, bunker saves and number of putts, business owners calculate their campaign records, lead generations and sales conversions. At the end, it is all about keeping scores and whoever is able to chase the numbers closely stands to win.

Learning lessons

 The semblance of golf in business extends beyond the golf course and is seen in lessons learnt in a professional career. Knowing your competitors, having a grip over the toughest of obstructions and playing your shot with a cool head and excellent strategy create a win-win situation not just on the golf course but also in business arena!