Gilroy wins the 2013 Gilroy/Taylor Tour (14½ : 2½)

There was going to be no repeat of my collapse in the 2012 tournament.  Last year I got 8:2 up and then managed to lose all 8 of the next 8 games and lose 8:10.

This year I got ahead just as early on in the year but Mark could not catch up .  He did beat me twice and we halved one match, but that was it.

The great thing about a competition like this is that even as best friends it just makes us that bit more competitive and focused even when we are out having a “Sunday Fiver” game.  There’s a picture of the “cup” in this post about the inaugural 2011 Gilroy/Taylor Tour competition.  I’ll post an updated one soon.

But, for the record books, the score stand as follows :-

Year Score
2013 14½ : 2½ – Gilroy
2012 8:10 – Taylor
2011 7½ : 2½ – Gilroy

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