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Losing money whilst practicing

Golf ball tubeI had a lesson today with my coach, Paul Mitchell from Bristol & Clifton GC and we were doing some short game work.  Now my technique is pretty good but I was not getting the ball really close, you know tap-in distance or obvious single putt range.

So, Mitch decided that I was just not concentrating properly, so he made me play for money.  Two lots of ten balls each with a £1 per shot difference on the gross score.  The scoring was as follows :-

  • Inside a ball tube length = birdie
  • Inside 2 x ball tubes = par
  • Outside 2 x tubers = bogey

Mitch gave me no shots……says I do not need them then promptly went and took a fiver off me!

So I PAID HIM for the lesson and then GAVE him more money… does that work then!

Gilroy wins the 2011 Gilroy/Taylor Tour (7½ : 2½)

Yesterday saw the end of the inaugural year of the Gilroy/Taylor Tour. This is an exclusive invitation only tour between my best friend Mark and myself.

The rule is basically if we are on the course at the same time, in the same group, then it is in effect a “tour match”.

The overall score was 7½ : 2½ in my favour.

Now my best friend being the obstinate bloke that he is refuses to play off his proper handicap of 11 (mine is 8 remember) as he cannot believe that I’m a better golfer than him bearing in mind I’ve only been playing five years!

So, in actual fact I think it might have been a 5:5 draw had it been off handicap rather than scratch.

Anyway, here’s the beautiful cup he gave me last night.

Gilroy/Taylor Tour Cup


And this is a close up of the plaque at the bottom.

Ooops, got Mrs G’s handicap wrong

Finally showed the new website to Mrs G today and the first thing she noticed under the About David page was that I’d got her handicap wrong.  She said in that way that only a woman can “Are you sure you’ve got that right?”  You know the voice, the one that says “I know I’m right, you’ve got it wrong”, but because she’s a woman she would never say so quite as directly as most men!

Anyway, a quick dive into Masterscoreboard for Henbury GC and she was of course correct.  She’s the proud owner of a shiny 11.6 handicap.

Book cover added to the site

Yep, that one there on the right.  It’s not pretty, but it’s the best I’m going to try and do for the time being.  If you click on the image you will see a larger version where you can see that the sub-heading text is :-

The parallels between
reducing your golf handicap
and growing your business.

What do you think a cover of a book like this should look like?  Feel free to suggest via the comments box below.

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Golf & The Art of Business website now live!

Finally, I’ve got this website live.  After some pfaffing around with software I’ve settled on WordPress as the platform.  Easy on install, loads of available plugins and easy for someone with design skills up upgrade the “theme”.

The aim of this website is to collect my thoughts in one place and collect some feedback, ideas, input and inspiration from gamers golfers all over the world.

Each Chapter has some bullet point notes that shows online gaming where my thinking is at each point in time.

If you are interested you can see these thoughts collected together in a mindmap (PDF format produced using

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If you do have any ideas on the theme of this book, stories of personal experiences, then please do get in touch or comment on any of the chapters.

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