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5 Shots Lower WITHOUT Changing Your Swing (Dr Karl Morris)

He’s the guy who put the “red dot” on Louis Oosthuizen’s glove when he won The Open at St Andrew’s in 2010.  He works with Graeme McDowell and tonight, he worked with me.

OK, so it was me and 50 other people at Bristol & Clifton Golf Club where Karl presented his “5 Shots Lower WITHOUT Changing Your Swing” workshop.  The workshop was organised by Paul Mitchell, my golf teacher.

And, fabulous it was too.  All my notes are in a mindmap that I created and can be downloaded by clicking the image below.

5 Shots Lower WITHOUT Changing Your Swing mindmap

5 Shots Lower WITHOUT Changing Your Swing

Closed season swing changes underway

First lesson of the year this morning. Just about every Friday morning from now until the end of March booked in from 8am – 9am with my great coach Paul Mitchell (

Trying to get my swing a bit more “inside to out” to prevent my “big fade misses”. The work with the driver is going OK, but with the irons it’s all still a bit of mess.

My big problem is that when I’m practicing I have to think REALLY hard about not concentrating on the result, just try to nail the movement we are aiming for an forget where the ball ends up.

I’ll update you in a month or so and see how things are going.