Any successful businessman who plays golf would vouch for the idea that there are indeed many practical lessons to be learnt about business in golf. There are several metaphors that can help to establish strong parallels between business and golf. However, the approach to addressing the two worlds extends well beyond rose-tinted assumptions to reside in an outlook that is more practical and stringent than it appears, at least on the turf.

To begin with, the first rule of playing golf is, well, to know the rules of the game! Knowing your target, the obstructions on the way, the distance and your move are important to drive the ball exactly where you want it to go. You have to be precise to the tee and have the power, focus and motivation to drive the ball to the hole. The same can be said about business too. Without knowing what you are chasing after or a definitive path to follow to achieve your goal, you will simple drive your business out of bounds. You cannot lose focus, get distracted or lack the motivation to achieve your targets.


Business in golf: How you play is how you are

There is yet another lesson to be learnt about business in golf. The way you play golf tells a lot about your character and personality. If you are short-tempered, impatient or inattentive, your shot is bound to suffer. Therefore, in order to send the ball rolling into a hole you have to ensure that small things do not get to you. Golf teaches you to stay calm in adversity and deal with situations competitively. You cannot be temperamental or too sensitive. You just need to be patient and practice your shots constantly to get better.  Similarly, in business too, you have to keep the drive alive and learn from your mistakes in order to reach better heights. The key is to not try to hit the ball till you are ready!

How many times have you feared losing a game of golf? Didn’t that fear make you pull your shots out of desperation because you did not want to lose or could not afford to lose? But the idea is not just wanting to win but thinking of ways to win. In business, as in golf, you cannot afford to take a chance and fail. You have to have a successful strategy to win.

Most importantly, never view your competitors as your enemy but as a challenge you must work harder for to overcome. The lesson is as true for a golfer as for a businessman. After all, it is all about getting the better of your handicaps!