Most people are of the opinion that golf is a super-luxury leisure sport played by those who are flush with cash and have reached somewhere in their lives. Well, I for one would not contest that fact at all! But the thrill of the game does go well beyond the greens and extends to the business arena as well. Business golf, as it is called, has its strict, yet simple rules and anyone who abides by them stands to win, not just on the golf course but also in cut-throat business world.

Rule number one – pick your partner judiciously. Partners, in this context, may well refer to business partners or potential clients. The crux of business golf lies in choosing partners who are decision-makers and not just amateur golfers hitting the lowest scores. At the same time, gauge your partner to determine how serious he/she is about the game. The idea is to play fair and square and to the best of your ability while having a thorough idea of the personality of your partner in order to pre-meditate your own moves.

Playing business golf is akin to making a long sales pitch

Truth is, business golf is strictly about business and not so much about sweating it out in the sun with your buddies on a weekend. It is quite like a long 6-hours sales call and that, mind you, includes drinks or dinner, post rounds. Therefore, it is worthwhile to always retain your goals in mind. You must know what you are looking for and call your shots in a manner that takes you closer to your goal.

Business golf provides a great platform to practice the golden virtue of patience. Retain your temptation to discuss business with a potential client and/or partner till the 5th hole but if you haven’t discussed it till the 15th hole, do not harp on it after that. Above all, treat your partners or potential clients as they expect to be treated and make sure they have fun on the golf course, sans all the formalities. Remember, the game does not really end on the golf course; you have to keep performing! Therefore, a follow-up with a thank you letter or a nice souvenir is a great way to help your partners or client recall you.