As dissimilar as the two ideas may sound, there are strong parallels that exist between business and golf. After all, both aim at a plausible target and involve working towards attaining the same. Take for instance, reading the greens. This activity in golfing parlance can be readily attributed to a business scenario as well. Analysing the market and the potential of your competitors, recognising new opportunities and strategising your moves to mitigate risks may seem like the quintessential way to go about closing a business deal. The same holds true for the game of golf when you analyse your target, study the greens and the hazards or obstructions on the golf course and premeditate your shot before putting. You concentrate as much on your shot as you do on a business meeting.  See, business and golf have lots of parallels.

Business and Golf – More Parallels

Calling the wrong shot in business and golf can be disastrous for the game as well as the deal. If anything, golf gives you the power to concentrate on your target and drive the deal to a close, as you would putt a ball into the hole. It does not matter whether a golfer scores a Birdie, an Eagle or an Albatross, he needs to focus on each shot in order to drive the ball to the hole. Similarly, in a business scenario, the amount of focus, concentration and hard work is the same across deals of all sizes and nature. Most importantly, golf teaches the golden virtue of patience, which is also extremely imperative in a business scenario in order to plan the right strategies and achieve the desired business goal… or shot, as a golfer would say!